GEL BUILDER MAKE-UP BM01 milky white
GEL BUILDER MAKE-UP BM01 milky white
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GEL BUILDER MAKE-UP BM01 milky white
GEL BUILDER MAKE-UP BM01 milky white

GEL BUILDER MAKE-UP BM01 milky white

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builder Gel semi-permanent in the bottle.


builder Gel semi-permanent in the bottle.

Why to buy it:

- A new generation of builder gel soak-off were born to make micro-stretching and arching during treatment with semi-permanent glaze.
- Allows you to lengthen the natural nail without the use of gel builder brushes for professional nail.
- Handy brush allows you the correct dosage of the material.
- Makes smooth surface nail covering imperfections.
- Its special formulation, self-levelling elastic and strengthens l's natural nail with an easy application and writing.
- Product is safe, acid free.
- Easy removal with Remover.

How to apply Gel Builder Make-Up :

- Prepares to the treatment, the surface dell'natural nails, removing fine cuticles, opacizzando and apply the liquid preparatory Nail prep and Primer.
- Stretch out a thin layer of Base for adhesion and polymerizes.
- Picks up the right amount of Gel Builder Make-Up to be placed between the nail form, and l's natural nail. Pay attention to fill the entire l'nail, but with no escape on the round cuticles.
- Work the product evenly to create the mini elongation and bending the desired and polymerizes well.
- Remove the nail form and the dispersion layer with Cleanser and refine the desired shape of the'nail with l'breakfast in lima.
- Remove the dust from filing in excess, and seals a pleasure for a natural effect, or stretch out the Semi-permanent nail Polish favorite two applications of thin, cures after each step, and finally seals with a Top Coat Nailfor.

Remember that Gel Builder Make Up is a manufacturer which is semi-permanent, and does not have to re-create important lengths, but small lengthening of the nail.

- Shades: milky white
- Density: medium
- Made: yes
- Acid Free: yes

curing Time recommended:
Uv/led 48w: 60 seconds
The timing of polymerization could be increased depending on the the lamp is used and based on the amount of product applied.

Format 15 ml
Made in the Usa
Product for professional use

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