NEW CAT EYE 5D 30 Pink
NEW CAT EYE 5D 30 Pink
NEW CAT EYE 5D 30 Pink
NEW CAT EYE 5D 30 Pink
NEW CAT EYE 5D 30 Pink
NEW CAT EYE 5D 30 Pink

NEW CAT EYE 5D 30 Pink


the semi-permanent nail Polish Cat Eye effect 5D of the new generation. For a perfect application of the Cat Eye 5D is recommended to combine MAGNET.

MADE IN the USA - 10.8 ml

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The color number 30 line CAT EYE 5D is a semi-permanent nail Polish pink with beautiful reflected the changing light, which combined all's use of the Magnet, it creates an effect Cat Eyes clear, bright and feminine.

Why to buy:
- Applicable as the color on the base gel semi permanent, both on the nail.
- Gives the nails an elegant rosy tint, light-filled and iridescent reflections.
- Outstanding beauty of the nails the court that the longer ones.
- Perfect also as a decorative detail to give greater luminosity to nails.
- Can be used alone or in combination with other shades
- does Not drip and does not burn, a comfortable bristle brush wide for easy writing.
- Formulation Acid Free and long-lasting.

How to Apply:
- Prepares to the treatment, the surface dell'natural nails, removing fine cuticles, opacizzando and apply the liquid preparatory Nail Prep and Primer.
- Lay the basis for semi-Nailfor which do you prefer and polymerizes, or create your nails with builder gel, or Acrylgel.
- Anti-uniform color Cat-Eye, close one or two magnets to create the gradient with iridescent that you like and polymerizes.
- Seals with the Top Tempered for extra effect glossy.

polymerization Time:
Led lamp/UV: 30 seconds
The timing of polymerization could be increased depending on the lamp used and based on the amount of product applied.

Format 10.8 ml
Made in the Usa
Product for Professional Use

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