Hi, my name's Alessandra and I'm the Store Sales Manager.

We welcome you to NAILFOR.COM the new ecommerce specialized in the sale of semipermanent nail polish, products for nail reconstruction and for the high quality nails industry.

The Nailfor brand was born from an innovative idea: to become a reference point for our customers and assist them before and after the purchase.

You must know that the experience gained over several years of constant presence in the retail national market has shifted our interest towards the web to the point of becoming passionate about it.

As a consequence, Nailfor does not want to be a simple project, its main mission is to be a reliable business partner.

Why are we online too?

Our vision: to retrace the success of our tests by our experts and spread the culture of highly efficient and effective nail products.

Our mission: to sell nail products to all women in the world!

We work bearing in mind that our strengths are the marketing of recognized high quality products and a strong orientation towards the satisfaction of our customers, which we hope will play the role of spokesperson for our corporate culture.

In the meantime, I greet you and leave you the contact details to be able to contact us for any of your needs.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Nailfor

Instagram : www.instagram.com/nailforprofessional

Assistenza Whatsapp +39 3519088500

Acquista On-Line:  www.nailfor.com

Acquisti e rivendita:  www.nailforbusiness.com


Alessandra and the Nailfor team

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