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FANTASY Gel Polish Semi-permanent - 042FAN


FANTASY, innovative product Line in the field of gel for nails, are very simple to apply and easy to remove. All'the application are self-leveling and extremely durable.

Content: 10ML

Made in the USA - for professional Use Only

UV Gel Soak off semi-permanent FANTASY, the line of gel semi-permanent suitable not only professionals, but also to those who want to apply themselves semi-permanent. The Soak off of the FANTASY of Nailfor present in over 380 colours that are divided between those standards and gels for special effects with microglitter etc.

For this line Nailfor decided to really satisfy all tastes, whatever the color you're looking for your semi-permanent, FANTASY has certainly the one for you! The gel semi-permanent ensure a manicure integra for at least 4 weeks, while respecting the health of the natural nail. Easy to apply in the convenient format of 10 ml, the gel semi-permanent for Nailfor you won't be disappointed, on the contrary, will create addiction!

Content: 10ML.

Made in the USA - for professional Use Only

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