Kit Semipermanente - Green Selection 1
Kit Semipermanente - Green Selection 1

Kit Semipermanente - Green Selection 1


Set di Smalti Semipermanenti Nailfor - Green Selection

Sistema di laccatura semipermanente UV e LED resistente e Soak-Off che può essere utilizzato per colorare, decorare e rinforzare l'unghia naturale. Questo smalto-gel è autolivellante, ha un'eccezionale adesione all'unghia naturale, un odore attenuato e un'incredibile brillantezza.

Lussuosa boccetta con pennello e tappo soft-touch.

Colori: G01, G02, G03, G04, G05, G06.

Contenuto: 8ml x6



1. Shake the bottle before dell'use.

2. Disinfect the hand of the customer with the solution and sanitizing.

3. Push the cuticles back with the spingicuticole.

4. Thoroughly clean around the cuticle eliminating dead cells.

5. Dull the surface of the nail plate with the brick abrasive.

6. Sprinkle thoroughly the whole of the powder produced with l'brush.

7. Apply Nail Prep and let it dry all'air for about 30 seconds.

8. Apply l'Ultrabond, leave to dry all'air for about 30 seconds, and leave the coat shiny and sticky that produces after l'drying.

9. Apply a base gel ''Basic&top2in1''

10. Apply two thin layers of Gel Polish Nail Colour, being careful not to touch the cuticles. To polymerize at each step in the UV lamp 36-WATT for 2 minutes or 1 minute in LED lamp 36 Watt (leave the sticky layer!). If you are using a standard lamp wattage lower, add 1-2 minutes to the polymerization time.

11. Apply Gel Polish Base&Top to seal the job, taking care not to touch the cuticles. To cure in the UV lamp 36-WATT for 4 minutes, or 2 minutes in the LED lamp (36 Watts).

12. Degrease with the solution UV Gel Cleanser to finish the job.


1. Dull the shiny surface of the enamel with a file 100/180 being careful not to damage l'the natural nail.

2. Dip fingers into a Soak-Off Remover, or you can apply a swab soaked in solvent on each nail, wrap it with a sheet d'aluminium and leave on for 10-20 minutes depending on the system used.

3. Remove the enamel softened with a spingipelle.

Content: 8ml x6

Made in the USA - Only for PROFESSIONAL USE

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