PRIMER CHIC UV Gel - Acid Free 12ml

PRIMER CHIC UV Gel - Acid Free 12ml


Primers Nailfor® CHIC Acid Free ideal for increasing l'adhesion and protect l's Natural nail – Format: 12ml


Primer Nailfor® CHIC Acid Free and is made in the USA with the highest standards of Quality and safety.

a Primer, it improves the l'adhesion between the natural nail and the gel is applied only on the'the natural nail) dries all'air. Particularly suitable for UV Gel and Acrylic.

Apply a small amount of the product and wait until its completely dry before applying the gel or l'acrylic products

Primer Nailfor® CHIC Acid Free and are guaranteed reliability and ease of application.

Technical Features

Excellent adhesion and dries all'air Acid-free, Suitable for UV Gel and Acrylic Ease and speed of processing Available in small bottle by 12ml with brush applicator

Made in USA

for professional use Only

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