NAIL PROP - Dehydrate Nail 15ml
NAIL PROP - Dehydrate Nail 15ml
NAIL PROP - Dehydrate Nail 15ml
NAIL PROP - Dehydrate Nail 15ml
NAIL PROP - Dehydrate Nail 15ml
NAIL PROP - Dehydrate Nail 15ml

NAIL PROP - Dehydrate Nail 15ml

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Nail prep is a dehydrator for natural nails that should be applied before primer. The dehydrator essentially serves to prepare the nails to promote the adhesion of the gel by eliminating the oily layer that would prevent perfect adhesion. Nail prep should be used both in the case of reconstructions and in the case of semi-permanent gel and coverage. Dehydrating the nail does not pose any risk to its health as Nail prep acts delicately.


Nail Prep Nailfor® nail dehydrator

Why buy it:
- Dehydrates nails by eliminating micro particles of water and oil present on the nail surface, promoting adhesion of subsequent products.
- Ideal for soft and thin nails and in the presence of sweaty hands or nail biting .
- Excellent product, particularly suitable for those with porous nails , that is, which retain a lot of water, because there is the risk that the products applied subsequently do not adhere well to the nail, compromising the duration of the finished work.
- Suitable for all reconstruction methods in UV gel , Acrylgel or acrylic and semi-permanent nail polish, guaranteeing maximum hold and durability !
- The integrated applicator brush allows you to distribute the product with maximum precision, avoiding cuticles and skin.
- It appears visually as a transparent liquid, which dries quickly in air.


How to apply:
- Prepare the surface of the natural nail for treatment by removing the cuticles well.
- Mattify the nail with the buffer file and remove excess dust with the appropriate brush and degrease with a pad soaked in Cleanser.
- Apply a small, even amount of Nail Prep, avoiding touching the skin around the nail.
- Leave to air dry well for 30 seconds, when the nails will take on an opaque chalk-white colour, this means that the product will have evaporated and the surface will be ready for subsequent treatments.
- Proceed with Primer and the various steps of nail reconstruction or applying semi-permanent nail polish.

15 ml format
Made in the USA
For professional use

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