UV Gel Primer - Acid Free 15ml
UV Gel Primer - Acid Free 15ml
UV Gel Primer - Acid Free 15ml
UV Gel Primer - Acid Free 15ml

UV Gel Primer - Acid Free 15ml

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Three-phase builder gel for professional use, with high sealing and elasticity performance. Thixotropic , stable and of high density, it does not drip once placed on the nail. Soft to work and file, it is ideal for medium lengthenings and structures even of significant lengths. Thanks to its thixotropic characteristics, it is possible to work up to 5 fingers simultaneously. Also perfect for French with wall technique.

Contents: 50ml

Made in USA - For professional use


Nailfor® Acid Free Primers are guaranteed as reliable and easy to apply. Manufactured with the best quality and safety standards. Increases the adhesion of nail reconstruction or semi-permanent nail polish.


Why buy it:
- Also called " adhesion mediator or promoter ", it allows subsequent products for reconstruction or semi-permanent nails to last longer, which adhere better, avoiding unpleasant lifting and detachment.
- Free of aggressive acids such as methacrylate, making it suitable for all nails .
- Combined with the use of Nail Prep, a nail dehydrator, also perfect for nails with sealing problems (oily).
- The integrated applicator brush allows you to distribute the product with maximum precision, avoiding cuticles and skin.
- It appears visually as a transparent liquid, which dries in the air.


How to apply:
- Prepare the surface of the natural nail for treatment by removing the cuticles well.
- Matt the nail with the preparation buffer file and remove the excess powder with the appropriate brush.
- Apply Nail Prep , let air dry for 30 seconds
- Spread a uniform and not too thick layer of Acid Free Primer exclusively on the surface of the nails, avoiding touching the cuticles and the skin around the nail. Let dry 30 seconds.
- The natural nail ready to proceed with the subsequent steps of semi-permanent nail polish or reconstruction

15 ml format
Made in the USA
For professional use

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