Painting Gel - Top Color 13
Painting Gel - Top Color 13
Painting Gel - Top Color 13
Painting Gel - Top Color 13

Painting Gel - Top Color 13


The line Painting gel Nailfor is designed to allow the creation of any kind of decoration on your nails.


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The characteristic of these gel nail art is that it can be used on nails already sealed.

The gel for nail art line painting have a rich pigmentation and are ready to'use. painting gel does not leave dispersion during the polymerization and do not dry out because it'air, this allows you to correct for possible imperfections in the processing stage. Finally, they can also be used as a single colour on the nails. The Painting gel are consigliatissimi for the realization of the nail art, the place of the temperature, since they offer a resistance is considerably higher than

it' s recommended to use as a top coat sealant Nailfor: GLOSS GEL FINISH TOP COAT

you can Also seal it with other sealants, but recommended to degrease anyway.

Polymerize in 90/120 seconds in UV/Led lamp 48W.

Content: 5 ml


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