French Gel Soft White - 30ml - Pearl...

French Gel Soft White - 30ml - Pearl Collection


Builder Gel triple action B?ianco ideal for French manicure and Babyboomer gel

Builder Gel triple action white, perfect for French manicures and Babyboomer gel

Why to buy:
- Special formulation that makes it easy to work with, remote and soft in the processing.
- Ideal for make a french manicure natural effect, medium to high viscosity perfect run the french on reverse
- Gel structure by staining the white perfect also for the babyboomer gel with elongation
- Thanks to the modern formulation “acid free” develops very little heat,

- Shade: white
- Masking: yes
- Density: medium high
- Self-leveling: yes
- Builder/Manufacturer: yes
- Acid Free: yes

Polymerization time:
Uv/Led 48w: 60 seconds
The timing of polymerization might take longer depending on the lamp uv/led used

Mix the product well before it'use with the mix the gel.

Formed from 30ml
Made in the Usa
Product for professional use

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