PLATINUM COLOR GEL - 15P gold glitter

PLATINUM COLOR GEL - 15P gold glitter


'PLATINUM'- Professional Line of Colored Gel - 8ml

The line of professional color gel 'PLATINUM' she possesses all the qualities that a colored gel for nails must ensure:

- - coverage is the ideal and the right density

- trait writing, thanks to the pigments extrafini

- shimmer and shine

- color stability over time

-, full-color and full-bodied

- no acids

- releases the adhesion layer

The brand new collection of colored gels 'PLATINUM' includes a lot of UV gel and Led by the colours intense, full-bodied. Gel nails for professional use that guarantee coverage and is ideal even with a past thin, due to their high pigmentation.

their formulation used to create a texture plumping effect for glossy without the need to create thickness. The color remains unchanged, does not fade, no peeling and no chips. The specific density of the product makes it unalterable, the volume inside, avoiding the unpleasant foots of colored gels.

curing Time recommended: - Lamp classic UV: 120 seconds - Led Lamp: 60 seconds


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