Easy Off Remover for semi-1000ml

Easy Off Remover for semi-1000ml


Solvent for semi-Nailfor


Solvent for semi permanent

The Easy off Remover of Nailfor is a solvent specially designed to remove in a fast and easy way the gel semi permanent. Thanks to this liquid formula specifies the gel semi-permanent, it will soften quickly so as to be removed with the aid of the spingicuticole. The Remover of Nailfor has been created by experts in the field in order to speed up the process of “dissolution” of the gel semi permanent, without, however, to assault l's natural nail.


the cliffs gel semi-permanent, with the easy off remover it is necessary to dip the cotton of the solvent, and keep them on my nails for a while' s keeping with the classic aluminum foil, or using the brand new Nail clips Nailfor. For a result more quickly, we recommend that you shave breaking the layer of shiny top of semi-permanent, so as to facilitate the removal of the same.

Content: 1000ml


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