Cleanser degreaser 125ml

Cleanser degreaser 125ml

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The Cleanser is an isopropyl alcohol-based degreaser that is used to eliminate the dispersive layer of the gel that forms after polymerization in the lamp.


Most gels, in fact, release a sticky and opaque layer after drying in the lamp which must be removed with this special solvent which is also useful for cleaning brushes and equipment. The Cleanser is used at the end of the application of semi-permanent gel, nail reconstruction and gel coverage. The Cleanser is used both as a degreaser after polymerization, making the surface of the nail shiny and smooth, and to remove any residues and waste that form during the processing of the gel.



Using the nail cleanser is very simple, in fact after having carried out all the steps of preparing the nail and applying the gel with subsequent polymerisation, the cleanser must be used like a normal solvent using a sponge or cotton pad. After completing the entire application of the gel or reconstruction, you can go over the Cleanser again to clean everything from filing dust residues and also use it on brushes and work tools.

Contents: 125ml



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