SUNUV 1 - Lamp UV LED 48W Timer, auto...
SUNUV 1 - Lamp UV LED 48W Timer, auto...
SUNUV 1 - Lamp UV LED 48W Timer, auto...

SUNUV 1 - Lamp UV LED 48W Timer, auto sensor


Lamp SUNUV 1 - the Main use of This UV lamp is designed for professional nail art. Suitable for l'fast drying enamels, gel uv gel and led. This lamp is equipped with a button for selection of the drying time (30/60/90s at low temperature). Designed with stand magnetic steel.

Technical Features

LED: 30 LEDS SMD 5050

Power: 48W (With selector switch 24/48W)

Input: DC24V 1.5 A (supplied with adapter)

power Supply: Input 100-240V 50/60Hz 1A Output: DC24V/ 1.5 A

Size: 235x 163x 98 mm


ir Sensor

ON/OFF Switch and power selection 24W - 48W

Timer, 5s Timer 30s Timer 60s


Connect the l'power supply

Turn on the lamp by pressing the ON button, or one of the keys to adjusting the time. When the lamp is turned on, press the ON/OFF button to turn off the lamp. In addition, you can launch it directly by the infrared sensor.

Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 2 seconds to switch between 24W to 48W of power After turning on the lamp, you can adjust the operating time by pressing the keys of the setting.

it' s possible to set it from 5s. The 30s and 60s. If it is not necessary to set the time, place directly in the hand all's inside of the UV lamp, the infrared sensor will switch on the lamp. The longer run time is 120 sec.


carefully Read the instruction manual before using the UV lamp for Use only with the electrical voltage correct

Avoid water or other liquids to come in contact with the lamp to avoid failure

do Not use the lamp if the adjustment buttons of the time are failures

Remove the power cable in the event of prolonged disuse of the lamp

do Not use if l's power supply is broken, to avoid any danger

do Not use the lamp for more than 600s consecutive to avoid reducing the service life of the lamp

do Not expose the eyes in direct contact with the light beam

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