TOP TEMPERED HD 15ml - Sealant No Wipe

TOP TEMPERED HD 15ml - Sealant No Wipe


Apply nail Polish as a Top Coat for extra-polishing the final high density. Do not leave dispersion. Ideal for sealing nail-art foil transfer.

Formed by 15ml
Made in the Usa
Product for professional use

Top Tempered Hd is a sealer universal High-Density

Why to buy it:

Extra shiny and resistant up to refill. Ideal for sealing nail decorations, acrylic, foil transfer, and nail art. The imperfections of the structure due to its high density. Sealant universal, applicable to both on reconstructions nails semi-permanent nail Polish can be used to seal all gels uv Nailfor. Not chips, not cracks and protects l'nail for weeks maintaining the shine like the first day of application. No Leakage, no need to degrease after the polymerization.

- Shade: transparent extra-polished
- Density: high
- Dispersion: no
- Self-leveling: yes
- Heat lamp: no
- Acid Free: yes

- Do not use on polished l', oil for cuticles, wait one minute before any application to the “cool” the surface and get a'fingernail more gloss.
- Apply the product evenly, taking good care of the edge of the nail, and not to have areas with a product that is excessive.
- Clean the brush applicator on a pad before putting it back in the bottle, to avoid damaging the Top Tempered HD with layer dispersive color.
- For colored gels with a lot of dispersion, it is recommended to degrease the color, opacizzarlo and then seal.
- Attention to some of the pigments may stain the sealant, such as hair dyes, dyes for fabrics, these jeans are dark, some pigments for make-up.

Polymerization time:
uv/led 48w: 60 seconds
The timing of polymerization might take longer depending on the lamp uv/led used

Formed by 15ml
Made in the Usa
Product for professional use

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