Nail art effect by solon and extremely fast. They are similar to the normal stickers, but with the difference that the decals are in need of some small, simple and effective steps to be able to be used.

Durable and simple to apply with l'water, to obtain a result a fascinating one.

WATER DECALS TATTOO - Modes d'usage:

1. Choose the decor that we like the most and which fits to size all'the nail of the customer. Crop carefully and helping us with tweezers put the decor in a bowl of water for about 2 seconds.

2. Prevaliamo the Water Decal and the tamponiamo for a good time on our hands, and put away the white paper on the back.

3. We make sure that there are no residues of water otherwise our work is compromised and does not last. We take the Decals with a pair of tweezers and apply it on the dispersion of Colored Gels or Semi-permanent nail Polish and dabbing with your finger, let the Water Decals is joined perfectly all's nail no bubbles d'air or residual d'water.

Size: 12x16cm

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