Silver silver effect glitter

Silver silver effect glitter


Dust brillantinata composed of reflective material and glittering nails decoration.


its brilliant features, perfectly match to the decoration of nails with uses both in the procedures of reconstruction nails with nail Polish. Also called the sand, this powder is characterized by'extreme fineness, which allows the realization of the most special great for an original look, and d'impact.

The different types of application can be:

- After laying a coat of Top Coat on the surface of the nail plate, the surface is still wet, sprinkle the powder decorative directly on the'the nail (the Nail in whole or in french). Once dry cover up with a'a further coat of Top Coat;

- Apply a thin layer of Builder Gel and dust, in the affected areas, the desired amount of powder and then expose all the beams in the Uv lamp; then Proceed with the normal application of the Builder Gel. - Mix to your liking dust brillantinata Gel Uv Builder providing pour in small doses the Powder until it'obtaining dell'desired effect.

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