Easy Off Remover for SEMI-PERMANENT 125ml

Easy Off Remover for SEMI-PERMANENT 125ml

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Set of 2 flat-bottom crystal decorations for Nail Art decorations on artificial or reconstructed nails. They can be applied both above and below the nail reconstruction. Glitter also looks great on nail polish.

With the application of rhinestone glitter your nails will be beautiful, fashionable and refined.

Dimensions (1mm - 4mm)


Solvent for semi-permanent

Nailfor Easy off Remover is a solvent specially designed to quickly and easily remove semi-permanent gel. Thanks to this liquid with a specific formula, the semi-permanent gel will soften quickly so that it can be removed with the simple help of the cuticle pusher. The Nailfor Remover was created by industry experts in order to speed up the "dissolving" process of the semi-permanent gel, without however attacking the natural nail.


To dissolve the semi-permanent gel with the easy off remover it is necessary to soak cotton balls in solvent and keep them on the nails for a while, maintaining them with the classic aluminum foil or using the brand new Nailfor nail clips. For an even quicker result it is recommended to file by breaking the upper shiny layer of the semi-permanent, in order to facilitate its removal.


Contents: 125ml


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