SUNUV Sun5 Plus, Lamp Led 48W
SUNUV Sun5 Plus, Lamp Led 48W
SUNUV Sun5 Plus, Lamp Led 48W
SUNUV Sun5 Plus, Lamp Led 48W

SUNUV Sun5 Plus, Lamp Led 48W


Led lighting 36 diodes, max power 48W + soft 24W

Hardening of the 60% faster than other lamps for nails

removable magnetic

Life 50,000 Hours


Compatible with all kinds of nail Polish gel.

the Led Lighting high-technology provided dual-lens (365nm – 405mn) allow SUNUV SUN5 plus to cure all kinds of nail Polish and gel nail Polish (base, top coat, color gel, gel hard construction, acrylic, tonic).

Ideal for l'use of diy. SUN5 plus is equipped with 36 Led bulbs that have a lifetime of 50,000 hours. This device allows for a uniform polymerization of gel on your nails, allowing you to dry at the same time gel nail varnish on the nails of the hands and feet. Drying of the gel two times faster.

The function Double Power allows you to get the l'drying the gel in a short time, two times faster compared to traditional UV lamps and LED ( 30% of the polymerization standard). Gentle on the skin. The function is Low Heat Mode is l'ideal for a'quick-drying of the gel hard and tonic for nails. The heat is diffused gradually allowing you to protect areas of skin more sensitive. Automatic sensors and timer preset.

SUN5 plus is equipped with automatic sensors that allow the lamp to operate for 120 seconds in the moment d'the insertion of the hand or foot. The sensors interrupt l'activities of the device automatically if you remove the hand and the foot before the end of the curing time chosen.

Ideal for personal use and salon.

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