Sunuv Sun5 Plus - 48W LED lamp
Sunuv Sun5 Plus - 48W LED lamp
Sunuv Sun5 Plus - 48W LED lamp
Sunuv Sun5 Plus - 48W LED lamp

Sunuv Sun5 Plus - 48W LED lamp

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SUNUV Lamp 1 - Main use This UV lamp is designed for nail art professionals. Suitable for fast drying of nail polishes, UV gels and LED gels. This lamp is equipped with a drying time selection button (30/60/90s at low temperature). Designed with steel magnetic support base.


Compatible with all types of gel nail polishes.

High-tech LED lights equipped with double lenses (365nm – 405mn) allow SUNUV SUN5 plus to polymerize all types of nail polishes and gels (base, top coat, colored gel, hard building gel, acrylic, restorative).

Ideal for DIY use. SUN5 plus equipped with 36 LED bulbs which have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. This device allows for uniform curing of the gel on the nails, allowing you to simultaneously dry the gel polish on the fingernails and toenails. Gel drying twice as fast.

The Double Power function allows the gel to dry quickly, twice as fast as traditional UV and LED lamps (30% of standard polymerization). Gentle on the skin. The Low Heat Mode function is ideal for quick drying of the hardest and most restorative nail gels. The heat spreads gradually, allowing you to protect the most sensitive areas of skin. Automatic sensors and preset timers.

SUN5 plus equipped with automatic sensors that allow the lamp to come into operation for 120 seconds when the hand or foot is inserted. The sensors interrupt the activity of the device automatically if the hand and foot are removed before the end of the chosen polymerization time.

Ideal for personal and salon use.

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