Thermos SEMI-PERMANENT nail polish 03th Fluo

Thermos SEMI-PERMANENT nail polish 03th Fluo

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FI01 infrared thermometer with high precision forehead detection. Convenient and quick measurement of the temperature of people and objects thanks to the dual mode.

  • High accuracy and fast measurement
  • Front detection
  • Dual person/object mode
  • 3-color backlit display
  • Fever alarm
  • Built-in memory
  • Power: 2 AA alkaline batteries (not included)


Semi-permanent nail polish with thermal effect
The latest generation Nailfor Thermos Professional Collection is characterized by bright colors that change 'magically' depending on the temperature of the nails and the surrounding environment. The innovative multi-layered formula has up to 4 shades of color in a single product. The lightest color is obtained from body temperature 37°C, and gradually darkens in cold environments, up to a minimum of 10°C (darker colour).

Application Mode:
1. Matt the natural nail with a 180/240 file
2. ApplyUV Gel & Acrylic Primer ( Nailprep also recommended)
3. Apply the Base Gel or Base&Top for Semi-permanent and cure
4. Spread the Color in thin layers and cure
5. Apply a Top Coat (with or without dispersion) or Base&Top and cure.
6. Finally, if you have used Top Coat with dispersion, degrease with Cleanser .

Removal Mode
1. Remove the sealing layer with a 180/240 file
2. Take a Foil Nail Wrap soaked in Remover and wrap it on the nail
3. Wait for 5-10 minutes
4. Remove the color with a gel remover pusher

Curing time:
UV 36W: 120 seconds
Led/UV 48W: 30/60 seconds

For professional use only

Contents: 10.8ml

Made in USA

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