Flex Finish avec dispersion - Top Coat 15ml
Flex Finish avec dispersion - Top Coat 15ml
Flex Finish avec dispersion - Top Coat 15ml
Flex Finish avec dispersion - Top Coat 15ml

Flex Finish avec dispersion - Top Coat 15ml

12,99 €

Le gel UV Flex Top Coat à brillance maximale avec dispersion. Avec le top coat Flex, il est possible d'effectuer plusieurs passes et polymérisations successives, garantissant une plus grande résistance et durabilité.

Il libère de la dispersion donc après polymérisation, retirez la couche "collante" avec une lingette en cellulose imbibée de Cleanser Nail pour dégraissant pour ongles.

Contenu : 15 ml


The maximum shine UV Flex Top Coat gel with dispersion is applied directly to the nail at the end of the reconstruction as a sealant, using the brush integrated in the jar, giving the nail a spectacular finish thanks to the transparent and shiny surface, and the color is maintained long.

Thanks to the low viscosity and the easy-to-use jar with brush, the gel is easy to apply to modeling.

Furthermore, the honey effect of the maximum shine UV gel allows the finish to penetrate well during polymerization, completing your nail design perfectly.

Give an irresistible touch of luminous transparency to your French manicure or modeling with a full cover look.

Unlike other sealants, with Flex top coat it is possible to carry out multiple passes and polymerizations in succession, guaranteeing greater resistance and durability.

It releases dispersion so, after polymerisation, remove the "sticky" layer with a cellulose wipe soaked in Cleanser Nailfor nail degreaser.



A UV gel takes about 120 seconds to dry under a UV lamp.

This gel is acid-free and very gentle. It is suitable for those with allergies and for those with sensitive nails.

Thanks to the honey effect, the gel self-levels when applied.

Contents: 15ml

MADE IN USA - For professional use only

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