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Merlot 11 - SEMI-PERMANENT gel base Rubber semi...

Merlot 11 - SEMI-PERMANENT gel base Rubber semi -lift

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Ideal Christmas decals to easily create apparently very complex nail art.

You can choose one or more formats to combine them together for a varied effect.


- Medium and elastic viscosity, ideal for weak, very flexible or damaged nails .
- The slightly translucent appearance allows it to be applied with a very natural result.
- Its composition adheres perfectly to the natural nail without creating lifts.
- Correction of the nail edge, to better define the free margin which often appears jagged and asymmetrical.
- Define the irregular surface with any small depressions or in the presence of scratched nails, creating a micro-camber.
- Self-leveling formulation allows you to apply the product easily and uniformly.


Application Mode:
1. Remove cuticles and matt the natural nail with a buffer file
2. Apply the Nail Prep and Primer UV Gel & Acrylic preparatory liquids
3. Apply the Rubber Base Gel evenly, from top to bottom with fluid movements and cure.
4. Seal as desired for a natural effect, or apply your favorite semi-permanent nail polish in two thin applications, polymerizing after each step and finally seal with a Nailfor Top Coat.
5. If you have used Top Coat with dispersion, degrease with Cleanser .


Micro lengthening to repair chipped nail:
- Do not file the entire length of the natural nail to position the nail form well.
- Apply the product in the chipped corner and then on the natural nail and cure in the lamp. Repeat the application process to improve the appearance of the nail.
- Remove the nail form, file away excess product and redefine the shape of the nail.
- Remove the dust well and proceed with the application of semi-permanent nail polish and sealing.


Removing semi-permanent gel:
1. Remove the sealing layer with a file
2. Take a Foil Nail Wrap soaked in Remover and wrap well on the nail
3. Wait about 10 minutes
4. Remove the semi-permanent gel with a Pusher

To speed up removal, use a medium low abrasion file or bur tip.


Curing times:
UV 36W: 120 seconds
Led/UV 48W: 30/60 seconds

Polymerization times may be prolonged depending on the lamp used and the quantity of product applied.

15 ml format
Made in the USA
Product for professional use

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