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Butter Haute Densité Gel Color-LC089

Butter Haute Densité Gel Color-LC089

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Gel Color Butter de très haute densité et couvrance. Idéal pour réaliser des cover et également pour le nail art.

Produit cosmétique pour ongles reconstruits. Catalyser dans une lampe UV de 36 W en 120 secondes ; LED 30/60 secondes.

Contenu : 5 ml

Fabriqué aux États-Unis


Colored UV gels for nail reconstruction
New high density formulation for a perfect result both as a single color nail cover and for Nail Art.

Why buy it:

- Ultra-covering and pigmented colored gels maintain their original bright color even weeks after application.

- High viscosity and soft consistency during processing, guarantees easy application without the risk of the gel dripping onto the edges or cuticles.

- Compatible with any type of nail reconstruction: UV gel, acrylic, acrylgel or fullcover gel tips.

- Full and full-bodied colors with excellent workability and long life.

- Acid Free


How to apply color gels:
- Prepare the surface of the natural nail for the treatment, removing the cuticles well, mattifying and applying the necessary preparatory liquids.
- Apply a thin layer of builder's base, such as Gel Base Bonder Prestige and cure.
- Apply the Builder you prefer to create the nail reconstruction.
- Remove the dispersion layer with Cleanser and refine the shape of the nail with the appropriate file.
- Apply the Color Gel in two thin, even applications, curing well after each step, then seal as desired.

Curing times:
UV/LED 48W: 30-60 seconds
Curing times may be longer depending on the UV/LED lamp used, prolong drying times for highly pigmented or dark colours.

5 ml format
Made in the USA
Product for professional use

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